Reduced water usage print washer

Building a print washer for a darkroom without running water

Justin Richards

7 minute read

I had a bit of an issue. The only room in my house which is easily used as a darkroom, is on the opposite side of the house from the rooms with running water. This left me with a couple options: Save up my prints in a water bath and wash them all at once, or carry dozens of gallons of water in 5 gallon buckets back and forth across the house and spend most of my time doing that, rather than printing. I attempted the former, but I would lose track of time, and my RC paper would tend to swell and…

Ilford CAP-40 Modification

Here I describe how to modify an Ilford CAP-40 Cibachrome processor for RA-4 or Black and White processing

Justin Richards

6 minute read

I recently acquired a well-maintained Ilford CAP-40 print processor, at a very nice price. These machines were built for the now defunct Ilford Cibachrome color printing process. Basically, you put your chemicals in the machine, turn it on, feed your exposed paper into one side, and a few minutes later, your fully processed print pops out the other side ready to be washed.